Instructions: how to use our website

Step0: where are my coupons?

If you are a registered customer, and you made payment after your have logged in, you will find your coupon under "MY COUPONS" tab. If you did not register our website, your coupons will be emailed to your paypal email address right after your payment. The system automatically handle the email process and it never delays. If you did not receive the coupons in one minute, your mail server might put our emails to your junk folder or block our emails. In such cases please download coupons here. Your link should be available one second after your payment.

    Your registered email and your paypal email might be the same, but might be not
  1. Your paypal email is the email you used to handle your payment. All coupons will be ONLY sent to your paypal email.
  2. You can use the same email to register our website, or you might use different email. The email will be used to log in our system. You can get your coupons under "MY COUPONS" tab.

Step1: order coupon credit

You will become a bronze member after your registration. A bronze member will have access to unexpired coupons if he has coupon credits. However, a bronze member will not be able to borrow any coupons from the website. After you $10 purchase you will become a silver member, and you can retrieve different types of coupons as well as loan coupons in case it is not convenient for you to make immediate online payment. Click “Purchase coupon credits” to proceed.

step 1

Step2: make payment through paypal

You could purchase different types of products and services, such as coupon credits (which can be converted to unexpired and different types of coupons) and standard lowes coupons. You do not need to be a member of our community to purchase standard lowes coupons. However, if you want us to provide unexpired and exchangeable coupons service, you need to sign up the website and log in. Each coupon credit can be converted to one Lowes 10% coupon, or other type of Lowes coupon whenever you need them. The coupon credits never expire. Paypal will handle all your payment. It is recommended that you use instant payment (such as paypal balance or credit card) since it will take up to 3 days to clear an echeck.

step 2

Step3: retrieve coupons

If you just want one Lowes 10% coupon, click the 1-click orange button and one Lowes coupon will show up in the table. The coupon is in PDF format and you can print it out or simply show it to Lowes cashier in your smart phone. If you want to choose different coupons, please click the “Retrieve or Loan coupon” button. There are cases that you might need different coupons. For example:

  • Total purchase $50-$100, you should use $10 off $50 coupon
  • Total purchase less than $50 or more than $100, you should use Lowes 10% off coupon
  • At Home Depot store, you should try to use Lowes 10% off coupon as competitor coupons

step 3

Step4: use coupons and mark redemption

Click the file link to download the PDF coupon file. After using the coupon, please click “mark redeemed ” to organize your coupons.

step 4

Step5: retrieve or loan different types coupons

One benefit of our member is to tailor coupon credits to their needs: different types of coupons based on the shopping content. Lowes 10% off coupon is always available and is perfect for less than $50 or more than $100 spending. Lowes $10 off $50 coupon is perfect for total purchase $50-$100. The $10 off $50 coupons will be available as long as you can find such coupons on the market. On rare cases Lowes server might have issues and will not provide these coupons for one or two weeks. But overall more than 90% of time we will be able to supply the Lowes 10% off coupons. Home depot, staples, KOHLs and other coupons also might be alive depending on the availability. Just simply log in and check this page when you need special coupons.

step 5

Step6: loan coupons

Our silver and above members have the privilege to loan coupons from our website. In case you need coupons immediately but cannot make online payment easily, you can still retrieve one coupon and your total coupon credits will be negative. There is no interest ror your loan. We trust you to pay the loan back as soon as possible. You do not need to do anything special to pay off the loans. Just simply order more coupon credits at your convenience and our website will take care of everything for you.

step 6

Step7: return coupons as simple as 1-click

For our customers returning coupon is as simple as 1-click. Please simply click one of the buttons (coupon has issues and is not working or you do not need the coupons now). Please note that malicious return is prohibited. You cannot do return-retrieve loop to get infinite coupons from us. If such behavior is detected, we will permanently terminate your membership.

step 7

Step8: Connect with us for any questions and suggestions

We never stop improving! Please tell us if you have any questions and suggestions so that we can better serve you. You can also leave feedbacks in the Clients Review section. We believes that customer determines our success. If you cannot save money and time with us, we will fully refund you.

step 8

Online test: How to test the code online before using them at local store?

All coupons from our website were working at the time they were issued by Lowes. However, as time goes we do receive reports that some coupons show “redeemed ” when they were used at local store. Past experience shows that the issue is minor before the 20th of each month and starts growing after the 20th. We suggest our customer to test the code online before they visit the local store. Please visit, add something in your cart, enter the code and click “APPLY CODE ”. If it works, you would see 10% off being applied to your order. Attention: before you head out to local store, please click “Remove ” under the 10% off otherwise your code is being redeemed by yourself.

online test

Guest and ebay buyers: how to locate your coupons

Please open your paypal payment email and locate your total payment, as circled in the following image. Enter your email and payment amount in the Download your coupons panel

step 8