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Superfastservice Belief

Here in Superfastservice , we believe customer determines our success. We are maintaining a coupon database for you to save money and time during your next shopping at Lowes or Home Depot. All our coupons are free. You are paying for our time to collec these coupons and prompt service. Our customers should be able to get the unexpired coupon within 10 sec whenever, wherever they needed it. If you cannot save money and time with our service, we will fully refund you. Refund or exchange coupons is as simple as one click.

Who is Superfastservice?

Short: Superfastservice provides delivery service to technically non-expired coupons with super fast and super easy (24-7, with smartphone, tablet, or computer) accessibility. Currently the best-selling coupons are Lowes 10% off coupon (up to $500 savings on $5000 receipt). We also provide KOHL's, Home Depot, staples coupons when they are available.

Details: Our website is Specialized in big data management, Superfastservice focuses on coupon and deals acquiring, organizing, tracking, and delivering. If you are planning to shop at Lowes, Home Depot online or local store in the next minute to a few months, this is the best place for you to get different types of coupons. We are working hard to meet 1sec1miu stretched goal: if you are existing members you could have access to your coupons in one second; if you are new to us you could have access to your coupons in one minute.

Lowe's Inc. and Home Depot Inc. are American based retail store that sell home improvement including kitchen products, appliances, lawn & garden, bathroom, hardware, building supplies, heating & cooling, building materials, cleaning supplies, bath and faucets, flooring, storage and organization, electrical, outdoors, heating & cooling, home decor, lighting & ceiling fans, tools, outdoor living, paint, plumbing, windows and doors, and lumber and composites.

Where are my coupons?

If you are a registered customer, and you made payment after your have logged in, you will find your coupon under "MY COUPONS" tab. If you did not register our website, your coupons will be emailed to your PayPal email address right after your payment. The system automatically handle the email process and it never delays. If you did not receive the coupons in one minute, your mail server might put our emails to your junk folder or block our emails. In such cases please download coupons here. Your link should be available one second after your payment.

    Your registered email and your PayPal email might be the same, but might be not.
  1. Your PayPal email is the email you used to handle your payment. All coupons will be ONLY sent to your PayPal email
  2. You can use the same email to register our website, or you might use different email. The email will be used to log in our system. You can get your coupons under "MY COUPONS" tab.

How to use Lowes coupons? sends out all kinds of coupons to promote their sales, such as 10% off, $10 off $50, online or instore, etc. Please follow the following instructions to use them.

a) If your coupons can be used in local store:
  1. Open the PDF file or Links
  2. Print the coupon with regular printer. You should click File->Print in Acrobat PDF reader.. Do not click the PRINT text on the pdf file.
  3. Go to store with your printed coupon. Cashier will scan the unique barcode. If cashier is unable to scan it, please ask cashier to manually enter the barcode number.
  4. If you have a smart phone and could open the pdf file, please show it to the cashier and let him/her to scan the unique barcode
b) If your coupons can be used online:
  1. Open the file and write down the barcode number
  2. Enter the barcode number on the checkout page.
  3. If the coupon shows ivalid code online, please make sure you entered the correct code or close your browser and try it again

We always stand behind our customers. If you have any questions, please contact us at Ebay or email us directly.

Do I have to register to get Lowes coupons?

No. You can purchase regular Lowes coupons directly from our website; however, you will not get the unexpired coupon benefits because we are not able to track your usage. For membership benefits please click here.

Benefits of membership

You join Superfastservice community to enjoy the fast and easy coupon access service. You do not need to be a member to buy Lowes coupons; however, being a member of our community will guarantee you the fastest and easiest access to unexpired Lowes coupons. You can get your coupons anywhere anytime as long as you have access to Internet. It takes less than 10 sec to get the coupon when you need it (actually the majority time will be typing your user name and password). You can retrieve, loan, exchange, and return coupons as simple as one click.

We offer four levels of memberships: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels. You will become a bronze member after registration and silver member after your first $10 spending with us. Being a silver member you will have immediate access to the unexpired coupons and can loan, return, or switch coupons as simple as one click. Being a gold and platinum member will provide you further benefits such as more coupon loaning, purchase discount, family and friend free coupon events, etc.

Floor cap policy for members

Our members are entitled with floor-cap rate benefits. The concept is very simple: our members will always pay less to get coupons. When you purchase unexpired coupon credits, the average cost will be approximately $2 per credit. Cap policy: each coupon credit will guarantee you one Lowes 10% off coupon, no matter how high the market goes. In the past we have seen Lowes coupons were sold as high as $6/each, but you can still convert one credit to one lowes coupon. Floor policy: when the market goes down, our members will be able to get coupons at lower cost. You might be able to get a coupon with 0.9, 0.8 credit, etc. In other words, you could potentially receive more coupons with your existing coupon credits. For today's market you can get one Lowes 10% coupon with 1 coupon credit, which is approximately $2 per coupon. On ebay the price is $5 per coupon.

What differentiate Superfastservice from others?

Short: No expire (pay once, use them in the next few years whenever you want), fast delivery (less than one minute), easy access (easy to access and organized coupon usage), customer satisfaction (30 days for coupons return, lifetime for coupon credits refund)

Details: We believe people should use coupon to save when they are doing shopping, but should not shop for the purpose of using their coupons. Think about the following two scenarios:

  • you do not have explicit planning but you know you might shop at Lowes. You bought some Lowes coupons which expire in four weeks. If you do not shop in the next month, the coupons will expire and be wasted. On the other hand you should not create a shopping trip simply for the purpose of using the coupons;
  • you are ready to check out at Lowes store but realize you do not have coupons or all existing coupons expire. If you order something from other place it may take hours to days to receive the coupons. At the time the coupons arrive you do not need them anymore.

Superfastservice is solving the dilemma by providing you working coupons anytime (24-7) and from anywhere (smartphone, tablet, or computers, as long as you have access to internet). You only pay what you used, and never worry about the coupon expiration. If the coupons could not save you dollars, return it as easy as one click. We will provide you replacement ones or fully refund you.

Where are the coupons coming from?

Short: All coupons are legitimate and directly from Lowes.

Details: Lowes provides coupon to those who are moving. The coupon is sent via the post office or through realtor. Typically you need to register at Lowes website and it takes a couple of weeks to receive the coupons. The coupon will expire in a few weeks so you have to use the coupon within certain time frame. Superfastservice takes all the hassle of acquiring, organizing, and tracking Lowes coupon for you. Since all our coupons are directly issued by Lowes, all the unique numbers will be guaranteed to use. This is different from some copied coupons distributed around ebay or other place, where the coupons were duplicated from others and the authenticity could not be verified.

How does the “no-expire” coupon work?

Short: Superfastservice organizes all the coupons so that we can always deliver you the latest, unexpired coupon instantly when you need them, even though you made the purchase years ago.

Details: All Lowes coupons have expiration date. That is why your coupons will be only active for a few weeks when you bought them from the market. If you did not successfully predict how many coupons you are going to use, the leftovers will be wasted. Superfastservice introduces “coupon credits” system to solve the problem. After your payment, we will dynamically allocate the coupons to you and guarantee that you always receive the latest active coupons when you need them. For example, if you ordered 5 coupons in January from the market you will receive 5 coupons which expired in February, no matter you use them or not. All the coupons will be deactivated after the expiration date. With our coupon credits system, you will have 5 coupon credits which never expire. If you need one in February, simple click a button and retrieve one coupon to use. You will have 4 coupon credits left. Then in April you need another coupon, just retrieve another coupon to use. Your coupon credits never expire. After you log in the system, it will take you less than 10 sec to get the coupon.

Can I get my coupon credits back?

Short: you can get your money back anytime.

Details: You might have paid to get many coupon credits but later realize you will never use up all the coupons, or you moved to a new place where no Lowes stores exist and you do not need the leftovers, or you simply just want to quit. You can cancel at any time without any termination fees. All your coupon credits leftover will be converted to cash and be refunded to you. If you wish to leave us you are free to go. There are absolutely no exit fees or fines when you terminate your agreement with us.

Will the coupon credits devalue?

Never. One coupon credit will guarantee you one Lowes coupon, or other store coupons. Even the Lowes 10% coupon price jumps to $3-4 each (in summer time) you are still guaranteed to trade one coupons credit with one Lowes coupon.

What if Lowes terminates their promotion program?

Short: you can get your remaining coupon credits back or convert them into other coupons.

Details: Lowes has been supplying the 10% coupons for more than ten years and we do expect they will continue to supply the coupons in the next 10 years. (That is part of their marketing strategy.) In case they decided to discontinue the promotion program, all the remaining coupon credits will have opportunity of redeeming remaining coupons (although the coupon market will skyrocket but the converting rate will not change), or converting to Home Depot coupons, or convert to cash and paid back to you.

Can I use Lowes coupon at HomeDepot?

Typically Lowes 10% coupons work for both online and local store. Sometimes Lowes system might disable the use of online coupons. We will keep maintaining online coupons so that our members will be able to retrieve it. They might be used in Home Depot as competitor coupons but it totally depends on the policy of your local stores. Lowes $10 off $50 only works at local store.

How to get free Lowes 10% coupons?

Lowes provides 10% off coupon to their clients who are moving. You can register Lowes mover program to receive 10% off coupons. However, only a small portion of the registered users could receive the coupons. The process will take 7-10 business days. Lowes also sends out mover coupons through post office. You need to provide your personal information and credit card to make a valid move and the post office will charge around $1 per registration. All the coupons will expire within a few weeks after they are issued.

Platinum members in Superfastservice community have the privilege to invite their friends and families to receive free&unexpired coupons. During the promotion or special events platinum members will receive a “use-or-lose” code which can be shared with others. The code could guarantee one or more free&unexpired Lowes 10% coupon for new users. However, the privilege will be revoked if the code was abused.

Is your online payment system safe?

To provide best security, we do not handle payment directly. Instead, PayPal (one of the world's largest internet payment companies) will handle your payment to provide a fast, secure, and private experience. PayPal accepts all major credit cards such as Visa, Master, American express, and Discover. You can find more information related to PayPal here.

The best place to host your website

In case people are interested in hosting their own website, we recommend the following two locations.